To contribute toward the reduction of poverty through healthcare and information technology initiatives and solutions.


Our Vision & Campains.


Clean Water Mission

ITH Charities Clean Water Mission is working in several countries in Africa to improve water supplies and sanitation facilities in schools and communities, and to promote safe hygiene practices.

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Sustainable Healthcare

We advocate for, and support African Governments, their partners and communities, to implement reforms required for the establishment of sustainable, viable and responsive health systems.

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Refugee Relief

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Eye See Initiative

We address the root causes of blindness and provide preventative measures primarily for youth who do not have access to early detection eye checks and treatment.

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Advance Education

Nearly 30 million African children are out of school, and something must be done to alleviate this dire situation.

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Annual Report

Dedicated to change.

In the past decade access to education has improved for millions of children’ but. far too many of the world’s most disadvantaged children remain excluded from school and many do not learn the basic skills they need to lead productive lives.

We are a strong, vibrant. and resourceful team committed to the empowering the youth of Zambia to confidently address life’s challenges and opportunities, thrive in the global economy and catalyze positive change.


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