ITH Charities Update – August 2018


It has been such an amazing last few weeks and I’m proud to share with you the work that ITH Charities and EMI continues to do in Zambia.

The last time we checked in, I was on my way to Zambia to check in on our current project and to help out while I was there. The last leg of my trip was to Lusaka, visiting our school that we have sponsored for over two years. When we first began with them the school had over 850 kids and 1 latrine (toilet).

With the help of ITH Charities, the amazing donations and volunteers the school now has now completely transformed. We have built a classroom, rehabilitated classroom furniture, sank a borehole (well), built 8 latrines, provided school supplies, uniforms and shoes. Started two micro-lending groups to empower the mothers of our youth.

We have so much more to do but are eternally grateful that we are able to do something. As Will Smith says, “If you are not changing someone else’s life, you are wasting your time.”

The only difference between these adorable children and my biological children is opportunity and access. It’s time we give equal opportunity and access to all children, they are our future after all.

Thank you for your continued support and assistance. You are truly helping to make a difference in these, and thousands of other children’s lives.

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