Many In Africa Do Not Have Access to Basic Healthcare…


Let’s take it back to the early 1900’s, the days before colored tv’s and cars. What simple times those were. You worked hard, provided for your family and were generally happy. But what happened when you got sick?

Our healthcare in the early 1900’s isn’t like what it was today. If there was a complication during a pregnancy, chances are either the mother or baby, or both wouldn’t survive. When the Spanish flu broke out, it killed 50 million people through its reign of terror.

Fortunately, we now have developed vaccines for these viruses to prevent an epidemic from occurring. If we are feeling ill, we go to the hospital and see a doctor, get some medication or a hospital stay and leave feeling like a million bucks. It might be costly, but at least you came out of there alive, right?

That is not the reality for millions of people living in Africa. Infectious diseases, respiratory infections and neonatal deaths are the three most commons cause of death in Sub Saharan Africa. All of which are easily treatable in America with a brief hospital stay or some antibiotics.

Many of these deaths are children. Taken too soon before they get to experience life. For some children they lose their parents and are tact with the responsibility of taking care of their siblings, even at a young age with no guarantee they will be healthy to see them grow up.
This must stop. We have the ability to provide a solution to this problem, so let’s do it.


If you are fortunate to have good health, consider it a blessing and provide someone else with the health they wish they had. For those of you who struggle with your health, then you know exactly how these children feel. You are provided with love, support and medication. The least we can do is give them the same fighting chance.


Thank you for helping make a difference

HealthConstance Moonzwe