Update August 2018

Greetings from ITH Charities,

Thank you for your support of the Eastleigh Medical Camp. Below is an updated from the Field Coordinator in Eastleigh, Kenya.

Report on Eastleigh, Nairobi medical Camp

We are grateful for the medical camp that we conducted on 21 0f July in Eastleigh, Nairobi. We were able to see more than 160 people who came to the camp, most of whom, about 95% of were Somali immigrants and refugees.

What worked well?

This project was a partnership between ITH Charities and FoH. Collectively, we were able to get to address on the medical conditions targeted.

The primary ailments treated:

There were several problems that our doctors noticed as follows:

• There was a substantial number of people with eye ailments and related conditions our eye doctors treated and or referred to further medical care

• Many women had urinary tract infections who received prescription medications

• There was a prominence of sexually transmitted diseases

• Quite a few people had upper respiratory infections we managed to attend to

Composition of staff

We had a number of staff members both from within in Eastleigh, Mombasa and in Nairobi. Our staff worked hard made the work easy for the doctors and the entire camp to run smoothly, our team consisted or 2 FoH MD’s; 1 eye doctor from Mombasa; 2 nurses from within Eastleigh; 10 volunteers; 2 security personnel; 3 FoH Coordinators, and a field coordinator who led the camp efforts.

We attended to many physical ailments and provided treatment and medication to hundreds of women and children. The community of Eastleigh was so appreciative of the free medical and as a result, we have built inroads into relationships among the Somali community.