Who We are?

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President ITH Charities. 


Dr. Moonzwe is the President of ITH Charities. Dr. Moonzwe is a global philanthropist and a business strategist. He has spent several years in leadership capacities in the private businesses, non-profit institutions, and academic sectors. Dr. Isaac is also a full time University Dean and Professor in Humanities and Business in Maryland. Dr. Moonzwe holds dual MBAs in International Business, and Management & Leadership, an MA in Religion, and a Doctor of Ministry degree with a focus in International Philanthropy. He is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Education at the University of Southern California.



Vice President, ITH Charities


President ITH Staffing, Inc.

Vice President, ITH Charities 

Constance Moonzwe is an authority on training and staffing for healthcare and information technology positions. Her organization, ITH Staffing, recruits for over 1,000 healthcare and IT organizations in all 50 states. 

Constance has over 18 years of experience, in the field of Human Resources, Risk Management, Recruitment and Compliance. She has a BS in Human Resources and a Masters in Healthcare Administration. To find out more information on Constance’s entrepreneurial endeavors visit: MeetConstance.Com.